Your Journey Matters. Share Your CIDP Story With Us.

You are more than your rare disease diagnosis. You’re a dynamic person who wants the most out of life, but CIDP frustrations like loss of balance, weakness, anxiety, or emotional stress may be a struggle. Spread awareness and understanding of CIDP by sharing your journey with us.

Each Story Makes an Impact. Help Us Amplify Your Voice.

This storytelling project aims to help raise awareness of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) through engaging and connecting people living with CIDP and their caregivers. Now you can build upon the community’s collective voice as you share your CIDP story. Please use one of the prompts below to help you get started or choose a topic that speaks to you.

Have you experienced loss of balance or reduced mobility because of your CIDP?

Tell us about the effect that CIDP has had on your life.

Have you had difficulty with your CIDP diagnosis?

Tell us about your CIDP diagnosis journey.

Do you know someone who has CIDP?

Tell us how you support your friend, family member, or loved one who has CIDP.